A small town in the Rockies, Shalebridge is an idyllic place to settle down and live. But it hides dark and bizarre secrets. An abandoned sanatorium. A sunken church. A deep wood. In Shalebridge, death is not the worst ending.

Welcome to shalebridge (Webseries)

Storyhive pitch video for a webseries version of Welcome to Shalebridge.

Sleepless (Short Film)

Sleepless tells the story of Dakota, a woman who is suffering from insomnia and bizarre visions. On what is supposed to be a relaxing trip to help her overcome her affliction, she awakens to a sealed door, an ever growing hole in the wall, and a man with a blurry face.

Sleepless Faces (Companion)

A companion piece to Sleepless tells the stories of others who interacted with the otherworldly being.