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I was born on a fishing boat in the great city of Winnipeg. After my father was killed by the barbarian hordes, I journeyed to the far west to hone my skills and someday challenge the king to a duel and avenge his death. I was just informed this is not what happened.

I did, however, grow up all across Canada, but tend to call Calgary my home. I started writing with stageplays in high school and was successfully a weird theatre kid for my entire tenure. After that I attended the University of Calgary and SAIT Polytechnic where I learned how to make movies and was successfully a weird film kid for my entire tenure.

While at SAIT, I wrote the AMPIA award-winning short film, My Life is a Musical, and began my career of creating fictional and fun world. Now writing for film, stage, audio, and print, I'm sure to delight and amaze as a successful weird writing kid.


Weird writing man.