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Corporate Espionage.             Cults.                                      Faeries.


It’s 2133, and Earth has rebuilt after a global catastrophe.

Megacities, wireless tech, and augmented humans are all commonplace. What isn’t common, is Kraft. Kraft sees monsters. This tends to get him in trouble, especially when the rest of the world doesn’t believe they exist. For Kraft, even an easy job like cleaning a corporation’s computer system involves a dark cult, a battle with faeries, and a computer virus that reaches into the real world.

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Praise for Endless Hunger

Weir’s debut is a riveting, genre-blending adventure that will keep you guessing on every page.
— Jodi McIsaac, author of The Thin Veil series
Endless Hunger is a delightful combination of believably-constructed SF future tech and dark fantasy, all wrapped together into a noir mystery.
— Susan Forest, Aurora Award-winning editor of Strangers Among Us

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